How is the LARS CM system installed?
The LARS CM system is bonded to the instrument's soundboard using an adhesive putty that does not damage the varnish or leave a residue.
Can a fixed installation be made of the LARS CM-G system?
Yes, when collecting the sound from the instrument's soundboard it can be installed both externally and internally, you will only need an end-pin jack output on your instrument in which to connect the system.
What is the LARS CM response to couplings on stage?
As it is a contact microphone, its resistance to coupling is much greater than that of any conventional microphone, achieving around 12dbs of additional gain before coupling.
Where can I connect LARS CM?
The system is completely passive and requires no power, you just need to connect it to an instrument input (HI-Z), an instrument preamp or DI that has an impedance equal to or greater than 1 Mohms.
Can you order with a certain length of cable?
Yes, write to us at info@larspickup.es and we will quote you a suitable system for your needs.
Can I return a purchase?
No problem, you have 14 days to request a subscription if you are not satisfied. You must return the product to us in perfect condition and once we receive it, the we´ll refund.